I am an April Poetry Fool

Website-Badge-1April is National Poetry Month.  I have been writing and reading a honkin’ lot of poetry lately – more than any time in my life except my angst-ridden teenage years and the first years I spent in Wyoming in the late 90’s.

To keep challenging myself and develop new mad skills, I signed up for PoMoSco.  This is a month-long project sponsored by The Found Poetry Review.  As a participant, I get to call myself a Poetry Scout, and I pledge to complete at least 50% of their 30 poetry prompts during the month of April.  This means I gotta write at least 15 poems.  And not just poems, but found poems – crafting them from outside texts or audio sources into word collages, using erasure, white-out, clippings, overheard conversations – it’s pretty wild, man.  And not something I have ever done before.  For every prompt I complete with a poem, I post my work on the PoMoSco site and earn a badge.  It’s like being a Girl Scout again!

So I’ll keep you posted about the ups and downs of hardcore poem generation.  I am hoping to create at least a few good’uns. You can read all my poems as I post them (hopefully daily) by going to my profile page.

In the meantime, go read lots of poetry!


“Sonnet TP and dedication 1609” by William Shakespeare, Thomas Thorpe – Shake-Speare’s Sonnets, quarto published by Thomas Thorpe, London, 1609. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons  

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