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Charles_and_William_DarwinCharles Darwin was an English naturalist who lived from 1802 to 1882.  He was the grandson of abolitionists, a father of ten, a beetle collector, an agnostic, a pigeon breeder, and a geologist.  He didn’t always have a huge bushy beard.

Q&A about My Darwin Project

Q: What is this Darwin Project?

A: It’s my own endeavor to read Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species.  But I don’t want to stop there.  Alfred Russel Wallace and Darwin’s grandfather Erasmus Darwin and many others also studied and wrote about evolution, and now of course there is a mountain of evidentiary literature on the subject.  I’m compiling an assortment of books and articles on science, biology, and evolution, while listing videos and web resources along the way and madly blogging.

640px-Feather_of_male_Pavo_cristatus_(Indian_peafowl)Q: What are these books and resources you mention?

A: Well, I’m putting together this list which is by no means definitive or authoritative, and I urge you to do your own research, but I’m including anything I have found interesting, aggravating, enlightening and educational on my page Darwin’s Entangled Bibliography.

Charles_Darwin_by_Julia_Margaret_Cameron_3Q: How long have you been doing this?  Are you getting paid?

A: I am not getting paid unless someone clicks on an image on my site and makes a purchase through Amazon – then I get a tiny, tiny kickback.  I’m doing this project for my own personal edification, and blogging about it is way for me to stick to a timeline.  Also, writing about Darwin and evolution will help me learn.  I officially started the project in March 2015.



“Charles and William Darwin” Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

“Charles Darwin by Julia Margaret Cameron 3” by Julia Margaret Cameron – Scanned from Colin Ford’s Julia Margaret Cameron: 19th Century Photographer of Genius, ISBN 1855145065. Originally from Royal Photographic Society. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

“Origin of Species” Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

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