Shovels & Rope


Shovels & Rope

I’m tearin’ it up with some fan poetry for Cary Ann and Michael and their new rocking album Swimmin’ Time.



it’s a pourin’ down stomps
rainin’ thunder handclaps
hell yeah I do need ya
to tell me ‘bout that
sing the story of a fire
like a choir
like a primal benediction
like a motor
like friction
come on listen
and repeat
and repeat
and repeat
I need songs like this
like a rainshower sweet
wash the stink
of mean people
to a puddle at my feet
roll a stonkin’ piano
plow a guitar buzz
O Evil
that’s alright bayyyybee cuz
you do it ominous like
the way I like it like
pull me up by my boots
alright alright
uproot me lady
root for ya sir
give ‘at gravelly mix a good rockin’ stir
you wanna shake it to my bones
roll da tambourine home
slap a rattle and a cheer
the devil’s comin’ y’hear
throw them gritty rhymes
spank the kickdrum in time
makin joy
voices joy mechanism
chapel style
raisin’ rafters
splittin’ light like a prism
hip-janglin’ to it all
pinned right to the wall
let me fly let me fall
keep it loud keep it true
let it roll on y’all

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