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RANDOM   adjective  1. chosen without method or conscious decision    2. odd, unusual, or unexpected

origin:  Middle English  ‘impetuous headlong rush’: Old French randon – ‘great speed’ from Germanic root rand/randir – ‘gallop’

Here’s this week’s random collection of links from my Newsfeed:

io9   Why are many of today’s hottest authors writing post-apocalyptic books?

Read any of these best sellers?  I want to know your reactions.  What makes them literary?

New Scientist   Could this bee love?  Rekindling our affection for bees

Right now I’m reading everything I can about bees.  You don’t know what you got until it may bee gone.

BBC  DR Congo doctor Denis Mukwege wins Sakharov prize

This man is a hero, albeit for the saddest reasons.  Thank you, Dr. Mukwege.

Wired   A bold vision for the future of the postage stamp

I love ideas that reimagine outdated concepts and redevelop existing frameworks.

Mother Jones  I worked in a strip club in a North Dakota fracking boomtown

Field reports on controversial topics – always entertaining and informative.

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