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Great news – my flash fiction piece ‘The Splendid Mendicants’ has been published in the second issue of Slink Chunk Press.   I’m really excited to be a part of this new online journal showcasing the work of diverse writers and artists from around the world.

I wrote this story while going through a writing-prompt phase inspired by the subjects of spam emails.  One of my favorites advised ‘Treat Your Disease With Our Splendid Mendicants!’  I like to pretend I’m smart, but I had no idea what a mendicant might be, so I looked it up.  Maybe the spam author wanted to say ‘medications’ not monks, I don’t know…but then my story was born.  It’s also part of a series I like to call my SuperNature series.  I write about Mother Nature getting the upper hand and not the blame.

I hope you enjoy my little fable – click here to read ‘The Splendid Mendicants’ at Slink Chunk Press.

Even better, you can see and hear me read the beginning of the story online!  Tonight we had a google hangout for Slink Chunk Story Time.  I joined forces with editor Tegan Elizabeth and poet Vanessa Willoughby to provide you with some literary entertainment.  Vanessa read her poem ‘Self-Immolation Means I Love You’, and the three of us had a great time.  Click here to see the broadcast!

Thanks to Unsplash for the trees photo.


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